Using styles

    A style is a set of formatting properties that you can easily and consistently apply as often as you like.

    For example, you could create a style that indents all lines in a paragraph and label it Quotation. Then when you select a paragraph and apply the Quotation style to it, the paragraph automatically indents.

    The Styles window displays the collection of styles available to your current selection in the document. For example, if cells in a table are selected, you see table styles in the Styles window.

    You can use the standard styles, modify the styles, and add your own styles.

    You can copy the collection of all the styles available in a document and make them available in another document. This is called exporting and importing a stylesheet.

    A couple of key points about styles:
    When you make changes to a style, those changes are automatically applied to each place you applied that style within the document.
    Changes you make to styles apply only to the current document. However, you can duplicate custom styles in other stylesheets and import or export entire stylesheets.

      Understanding style types and properties
    Applying styles
    Removing style formatting from a selection
    Creating your own styles
    Editing and deleting styles
    Copying styles and properties between documents
    Exporting and importing styles


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