Editing and deleting styles

Editing styles in the Styles window

    You can change the properties of any style in the Styles window. You can also change a style's name and the style you based it on (if it is a style you created).

    When you edit a style, all text, objects, and cells that use that style are updated to the new version of the style.

    To edit a style:
    1 In the Styles window, select the style you want to edit.
    2 Click Edit.
    The pointer changes to an "S" shape to indicate that you are in style-editing mode, and the Edit button changes to Done.
    3 Without clicking or selecting anything in the active document, use the menus, text ruler, and Accents window to change formatting options for the selected style.
    Tip: If you want to delete a property you've added, select it and press the Delete key.
    4 Click Done.

    Note: You can copy and paste properties from one style to another.

    If the regular pointer reappears while you are editing a style:
    You either clicked or selected something in the active document or tried to perform an action that cannot be recorded as a style property. Click the Edit button again to return to editing mode.

Deleting styles from the Styles window

    To delete a style:
    1 Select the style in the Styles window.
    2 Click Cut.

    If you cannot delete the style:
    The style is probably being used for something in your document. Before you delete the style, you need to remove the style from items in your document.

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