A Tutorial for
Using Jmol to Do Molecular Modeling


Jmol uses Rasmol/Chime commands. It understands essentially all of the Rasmol/Chime commands making it somewhat backward compatable with those application. However, many of the commands have been modified and some new ones have been added. Because Jmol is currently undergoing rapid development the list of commands is constantly changing with each new version of Jmol. There are lists available for the commands, which provide the syntax for each command along with examples of how the commands are used.

To find the Rasmol/Chime commands, scroll down and click on "4. Rasmol/Chime Scripts". As alternative, you can open up the same documentation file from from the Jmol website

When trying to learn the various commands, it is not at all a waste of time to just sit down and read the descriptions of all of the commands. To help you with this, here is a flashpaper version of the page from the Jmol Documentatain website that lists the commands in a form that can be printed.

The old Rasmol Manual is also a good source of information. It does not contain all of the commands that can be used by Jmol, but the description are more complete.

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