Locking spreadsheet row or column titles

    If you've entered descriptive titles in the top rows or left columns of the spreadsheet, you can lock them so that they remain in view when you scroll.

    You can also lock individual spreadsheet cells to keep the data in them from being changed.

    To lock row and column titles:
    1 Select the rows or columns you want to lock.
    AppleWorks locks the selected rows or columns and all the rows and columns above and to the left of your selection. If you want to lock both rows and columns, select the cell at the intersection of the bottom row and rightmost column.
    2 Choose Lock Title Position from the Options menu.
    If cell grid lines are set to display, AppleWorks changes the grid lines for cells that are locked to solid lines.

    Note: You can't select or enter data in locked title rows or columns.

    To unlock row and column headings:
    Choose Lock Title Position from the Options menu to deselect it.

    Tip: If you want to compare two separate areas of a spreadsheet at the same time, split the document window into panes.

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