Welcome to the Lactate Dehydrogenase Web Page. This page was created for the Biophysical Chemistry class held at the University of Wisconsin-EauClaire. The purpose of this web page is to better understand the role that the enzyme lactate dehydrogenase plays in eukaryotic cell metabolis. An important tool in doing this is the use of 3-D interactive modeling tools. To take advantage of this your computer will need the plug-in known as Chime. If you do not have it, it can be found at this site.

Throughout the pages there are many buttons that when pressed will help you better understand the concept being described. At anytime you can 'grab' the three dimensional structure and manipulate it with the mouse. Further options to explore with the 3-D models can be brought up by clicking and holding the mouse (if you have a mac), or clicking the right mouse button (if you have a PC). Go ahead and try it with the model to the left.

Enjoy, and I hope you learn something.

Robert Busby

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