Scott Clifton Hartsel, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Education and Training:

Ohio University, 1979 B.S. Microbiology 

Ohio State UniversityMicrobiology &Pharmacognosy, 1982 M.S. Microbiology (Pharmacognosy emphasis) Research Advisors: Bruno J. Kolodziej and Larry W. Robertson

Ohio State UniversityMicrobiology &Biophysics, 1985 Ph.D. Microbiology (Biophysics emphasis) Research Advisor: Joseph Y. Cassim

University of Virginia1985-87 American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellow inBiochemistry/Biophysics. Preceptor: David S. Cafiso

Professional Experience

1979-83 Teaching Associate, Department of Microbiology, Ohio State University. Responsible 

for 2-4 lectures, 2-4 laboratories weekly. 

1984 Presidential Research Fellow-Awarded to doctoral students demonstrating outstanding scholarship and research abilities 

1985-87 American Heart Assoc. Research Fellow, Department of Chemistry, University of 


1988-1992 Assistant ProfessorChemistry Department , University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 

1993-1997 Associate ProfessorChemistry Department , UW-EC 

1995, 96 Research Fellow- NSF/CNRS/CIES Universite Pierre et Marie Curie and

Institut CurieParis, France.

1997-Professor,Chemistry Department , UW-EC
2005-2008 Chair of Chemistry , UW-EC


1992,'98, 2000, 2006, 2007-UW-EC Outstanding Senior Award. Six of my research students (A. Scott, Ruckwardt, Peterson, Campbell, Scardino) have been honored with this highest annual award. 

1993-UW System Board of Regents Teaching Excellence Award for departments/programs.Presented to the UW-EC Chemistry Department- Title :"Research as Teaching." SCH was principal author and coordinator.

1996-Diversity Award-American Ethnic Coordinating Office-.Given by the AECO annually to a faculty member who has contributed the most to campus diversity. 

1996-99- Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Councilor in Chemistry-Nationally Elected

1999-Excellence in Scholarship Award, along with the Excellence in Teaching award, it is the highest award presented to faculty by this institution.

2001-CASE Professor of the Year (Council for Advancement and Support of Education ) -State of Wisconsin .

2002-Excellence in Undergraduate Chemical Research Award, Presented by the Department of Chemistry at the University of Indiana.

2002,2005-Kell Research Scholar Award. Two of my research students (L. Scardino, E. Bauer) have been honored with this full tuition and research stipend annual award.

2005-Wisconsin Innovation Scholar- Awarded for bringing to fruition innovative discoveries to benefit mankind and the Wisconsin economy (with David Lewis).

2007- ACS-CPT (Committee on Professional Training) member -ongoing.

Publications(*Undergraduate Collaborators)

  1. Lee A. *Behling, Scott C. Hartsel, David E. Lewis, Alan A. DiSpirito, Dong W. Choi, Larry R.Masterson, Gianluigi Veglia, and Warren H. Gallagher *,NMR, Mass Spectrometry and Chemical Evidence Reveal a Different Chemical Structure for Methanobactin That Contains Oxazolone Rings .” JACS Communications, (2008). In Press.
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Published Abstracts and Presentations since 1988(*presenter, undergraduate collaborator )

1. Hartsel*, S.C., and D.S. Cafiso (1988) "Kinetic EPR Techniques as a Tool for Studying Membrane Active Drugs" 13th International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems, August 14-19, Madison, WI. 

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48. Jeanne E. Pemberton, Scott C. Hartsel. "Building program strength and excellence through in-depth experiences."
 The New ACS Guidelines for Undergraduate Chemistry Programs: Promoting Excellence and Innovation. The 236th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, August 17-21, 2008 

Professional Service

1. Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Councilor in Chemistry (nationally elected) 1996-1999

2. Reviewer for the Biophysical Journal, 1993-

3. Reviewer for Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1995-

4. Reviewer for Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy,1995-

5. Reviewer for Biophysical Chemistry, 1997-

6. Reviewer for Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2001-

7. Reviewer (proposals) for the NSF-ILI Program, 1995

8. Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Consultant 2001-

9. Organized and coordinate an NSF sponsored conference “The Balanced Academic Life; Careers at Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions”Coffman Union, University of Minnesota, September 6-7th, 2003.

10. American Chemical Society-Committee on Professional Training (CPT), 2008-

Research Collaborations

1. Dr. David Lewis, UW-EC. Development of new organelle-specific fluorescent probes.

2. Dr. Lloyd Turtinen, Biology Department, UWEC Dr. Turtinen and I have been collaborating on new cell culture transfection and moncyte cytokine stimulation studies. 

3. Dr. Kishor Wasan- Pharmaceutics, University of British Columbia.Studies on the pharmaceutics of new drug delivery systems. 

4. Dr. Edgar Arriaga- Chemistry, University of Minnesota.NSF sponsored sabbatical studies on analytical methodsfor analysis of drug metabolism and mechanisms.
5.  Dr. Alan Dispirito-Iowa State- Spectroscopy of novel copper-binding proteins

Grant Funding: (1988-present at UW-EC)

1. Bristol-Myers Co. Grant of the Research Corporation - " Rapid Fluorescent Probe Detection of Amphotericin B Induced Ion Fluxes" $6,771 Funded 6/88- 6/89. 

2. UW-EC Grant - "Biological Membrane Channels" $ 2,000 Faculty Grants Scholar, Sp. 1989. 

3. UW-EC Grant -" How Does Amphotericin B Work?" $ 2,060 Faculty Grants Scholar, 0.2 FTE. Spr. 1990 

4. Research Corporation Renewal (1989) - $6,940 - Funded but declined because of NIH funding. 

5. NSF-ILI - $33,852 - "Preparative HPLC" .- Co-Principal Investigator with Ochrymowycz. 

6. NIH-AREA- "Ion Currents Measured by Fluorescent Probe Techniques" $96,161- Funded 5/89-6/92 

7. UW-EC Faculty Development and Curriculum Improvement Grant " Biochemical Diversity: Folk Remedies to Miracle Drugs" $ 500- Funded. 

8. 3M Corporation- $ 3,000(preceptor-J. Pladziewicz) 

9. PRF Type B " Selectivity and Structure of Amphotericin B Channels" $ 20,000 with $ 3,000 UW-EC Match -Funded 1/92. 

10.UW-EC Laboratory Modernization- With Turtinen - $28,260 Funded for Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Laboratories. 

11. NSF-ILI With Gallagher, Yang, Pladziewicz "Protein Chemistry in the Undergraduate Biochemistry Curriculum" $ 26,946.- Funded, 6/92-5/94 

12. NSF RUI- "Molecular Structure of Amphotericin B Channels" $88,300- Funded 11/92-8/95. 

13. Sabbatical Leave, "Discovering the Determinants of Amphotericin B's Activity" granted for Spring '95. 

14. University Grants Program, "Comparing the Effects of Amphotericin B on Living vs. Model Systems," $2,000 Funded. 

15. Minority Faculty Research Mentor Awards through the University of Wisconsin System Institute on Race and Ethnicity T. Yang, P.I., S.C. Hartsel, Faculty Mentor " Investigation of the Guanosine-5'-triphosphate Binding to Atrial Natriuretic Factor by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy" Funded. 

16. NSF/CNRS INT Joint Grant for the U.S./France Research program, 1995 funded for $15,000

17. NSF-RUI , 1996-2000 "Dynamics, Structure and Formation of Polyene Channels" $218,150. Funded. 

18. UW-EC Laboratory Modernization-- $29,000 Funded for peptide synthesizer for Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Laboratories

19. UW-EC Collaborative Equipment Grant-- $13,000 Funded research spectrophotometer.

20. UWEC-SREU Program, 2001- "Cochleate Amphotericin Drug Delivery Systems" $4700

21. NSF-RUI , 2001 "The Three Facets of Amphotericin B Activity" $235,600

22. NSF-REU , 2002 Supplement to “The Three Facets of Amphotericin B Activity" $15,000

23. NSF-REU , 2003 Supplement to"The Three Facets of Amphotericin B Activity" $15,000

22. NSF-RSEC program-sabbatical and research funding at U. of Minnesota-$38,500

23. NSF (through RSEC-program)-Funding to organize and coordinate a conference “The Balanced Academic Life; Careers at Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions” -$14,000

24. NSF-REU, 2004 Supplement to"The Three Facets of Amphotericin B Activity" $10,000

25. UW-System Applied Research Grant, 2005 “New Probes for Fluorescence Microscopy” Co-PI with D.E. Lewis $46,000

26. NSF-CCLI, 2005 "Chromatography Opportunities for Learning and Understanding of Modern Separations (COLUMNS)" Co-PI with McEllistrem, Eierman, Yang. $100,000.

27. NSF-S-STEM , 2006 “The Excellence In Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics (Esteam) Scholarship Program” 2006- Michael Howe-PI, S.C. Hartsel et al , Co-PI. $500,000

28. Research Corporation- 2008-2010. "NMR and LC/TOF Characterization of Metal Binding and Supramolecular Structure of Methanobactin, a Novel High Affinity Chalkophore." $34,500

Total >
$1,000,000 from all sources as P.I. or co-P.I