Chemistry/Biology 491 "Pharmacognosy and How Drugs Work"

Herbal-Type Resources: Note; Be careful! Not all of the information in these sites is scientifically based. Very good for some background work, folk and herbal lore, history and reputed uses. I will try to point out the most objective resources.
  1. Herbs for Health- a generally authoritative review of the evidence of many popular  herbs.
  2. Monographs from the American Botanical Council on Echinacea, Garlic,Gingko,St.John's Wort and Hawthorn.
  3. New Ideas in Herbal Therapy. A crash course in phytomedicinesfor health professionals . A good starting point. It's a commercial site for Bayer, who sell herbal suppliments, is nonetheless a good source of infor on herbal medicines. 
  4. Southwest School of Botanical Medicine Homepage. Stunning photos of herbs are available here! Good links and some great historical documents are available here.
  5. Medicinal Herb FAQ. Generally good and interesting information from the herbalist perspective.Generally good and authoritative info. Part of Henriette's Herbal web site, another good source of historical information.
  6. Ethnobotanical Leaflets- a good historical anthropological source of info
  7. The US Pharmacopea: A must reference guide to see whether a given botanical substance is currently recognized as effective in well-designed human trials. A great search engine. See for example the positive report on Saw Palmetteo and the negative report on Valerian. Generally reliable reviews of clinical data in easily digestible mongraphs. I would try here first!
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