Chemistry/Biology 491 "Pharmacognosy and How Drugs Work"

Pharmacology/Nervous sytem/Receptor Information:
  1. Mechanisms of Drug Action. A good introduction. Primitive, yet well done. from a Principles of Pharmacology Class at Purdue.
  2. Principles of Clinical Pharmacology- An excellent NIH-sponsored web site with general and special topics in Pharmacology
  3. The Pharmaceutical Century. A sweeping and well written review of the modern era in pharmacology. A bit dismissive of natural product medicine, but nonetheless worth reading.
  4. The Oxford Pain Internet site. Yes, this really exists. A list of the effectiveness of different pain drugs and good summaries of controlled clinical data.
  5. Hormones, Receptors and Targets- A good basic intro.
  6. Fundamentals of Pharmacology- A good online course from SUNY. Good coverage of autonomic nervous system function.
  7. Center for Opiod Research and Design. Lots of up to date info on opiods and their receptors.
  8. G-Protein Receptor Database. Information on the molecular mechanisms of G-protein coupled receptors.
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