Chemistry/Biology 491 "Pharmacognosy and How Drugs Work"

Biochemistry Resources: Biochemistry is at the heart of pharmacology. Here are some basic metabolism and biochemistry resources.

    1. Medical Biochemistry. Here is a great site covering all basic aspects of biochemistry and metabolism.
    2. The Protein Data Bank. Search here to find out if there is a known structure for a given drug target protein.
    3. OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance In Man). The ultimate genetic disorder resource. EVERYTHING is here.
    4. How aspirin works. Here is a structural resource requiring CHIME. This is a classic system for understanding SAR(Structure Activity Relationships).
    5. Biochemistry Animations. Go to the contents page and then "studying protein structures" and you will be rewarded with CHIME aminmations of various medically important protein targets including G-proteins and the HIV protease.

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